Wodehouse Pickleball Group

The Wodehouse Pickleball Group plays a friendly game of pickleball.  We don’t have our own facilities (yet) so we play at other venues.

Players and Ratings:

  • Lisa Miner 3.5
  • Steve Miner 3.5
  • Bertie Wooster 3.0L
  • R. Jeeves 4.0
  • Madeleine Basset 3.0H
  • Augustus Fink-Nottle 2.5
  • Bingo Little 3.0
  • Tuppy Glossup 2.5

Places to play(see USAPA list)

Kroc Center in Augusta (indoors, membership required)

Odell Weeks Center in Aiken (indoors, $2/day)

Wilson Family Y in Augusta (indoors, membership required)

Maude Edenfield Tennis Courts in North Augusta (outdoors, free)