Joining the email list

We have a mailing list for the Mac Vintage Users Group.  This will make it easy for us to share messages with the whole group.  People can join and remove themselves from the mailing list as they wish.  If there's ever a problem, you can contact me directly at and I'll take care of it.

I am using a service from Google Groups to manage the mailing list.  You do not have to use a Google account to join -- you can send and receive messages from any email account.  If you get to a point where Google is asking you to sign in and you don't want to have a Google account, please come back to this page and read it again.

To join the official mailing list, you first need to send email to:

You can easily send email to the above address by clicking on the address link and using your email program to "send" the mail. The content of the email does not matter.

If you are a GMail user, the Google Groups system should be able to confirm you immediately and you're done.  

If you use a different mail service, the system will send you back another email asking to confirm your email address. The automated response might end up in your Junk mail folder so you need to look from something from  It should only take a couple of minutes to get their reply.

When you get their confirmation request, you need to reply and send once again. This time you're sending email back to their special confirmation address.  It will have a funny secret code in the subject line.  That's how they confirm you.

Their confirmation message also will have a link in it that you can click on, but if you decide to follow the link, you will go to the Google Groups web site which requires you to have a Google account or to sign up for one.  Either way works: you can reply to the email or you can use your Google account on the web site.  I think sending email is simpler and faster.

After you have been confirmed as part of the mailing list, you can send email to the whole group by using the list address:

I will moderate the list when people first join, so your message won't go through to the rest of the group until I read it first.  That's just to keep random people from sending out junk.  If you have any problems, let me know: